Perpetual Data Solutions


Perpetual Data Solutions is a Sydney based business providing custom database, software and data cleansing services. We consult to organisations across Australia and World-wide and are committed to providing high-quality systems that are perfectly tailored to your specific requirements. Our approach emphasises intelligent design and personal service.

Why choose PDS?

Firstly, because we have the ability to understand how organisations work and to put together solutions that really meet your needs.

Also, because of our technical expertise and the pride that we take in producing well-crafted and robust products. Not least, because we have a flexible approach and are committed to providing the highest standards of customer service.


If you are seeking reliable and honest solutions, please take a moment to look at the range of services we offer, and then contact us to arrange your free consultation.

We are always looking for customers with whom we can build long-term professional relationships.

Ask us about other ways we can help you improve your processes to save you time and money.